eyePilot™ is a unique set of software tools,  the first tools that finally let a colorblind person understand and work with color-coded information.  eyePilot’s patented tools let you isolate any color in any image, and understand its context and meaning.

8% of men are colorblind.  Statistics say that there’s at least one child in every class who’s colorblind.  And they find it difficult or impossible to understand and work with color-coded information.   eyePilot™ tools change all that! 

Colorblindness is not the inability to see color but rather color confusion: with the most common kind (Red/Green), a person has difficulty or is unable to differentiate red, green or yellow, or any colors that contain red, green, or yellow (like cyan or purple).

In the past, most information was black text on white paper, but today’s materials are on computers and the web... with lots of color graphs, charts, maps, and more.  Those color-coded materials can be impossible to understand.  And that can be frustrating.   

eyePilot™ tools work on any screen capture or graphic stored in your Photos App.

eyePilot is a product of Perception Data, Inc.